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Turquoise Cabochons

Turquoise is a copper oxide, often occurring in or near copper deposits. The color depends upon the amounts of copper and iron, which will determine whether it has a more blue or green colour. Many of the turquoise cabochons listed below come from locations here in the United States, making them rare, as many mines throughout the US have been closed down for quite some time. Please see individual item descriptions for origin and characteristics.

Also, don't miss our many varieties of rough turquoise, beads ready to string, finished turquoise jewelry and rare specimens for your collection!


Bisbee Turquoise

From the Phelps-Dodge copper pit in Bisbee, not far from the Mexican border in southern Arizona

1. 30 x 11mm. 8.5 carats  $125.00 

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Turquoise_Cabs_Bisbee%202.jpg 2.    29 x 12mm. 11.5 ccarats  $172.00

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Blue Gem

This mine has been long exhausted, and never was a large producer. Colors range from a dark blue green to a bright blue with some water mark webbing.

1.    20.5 x 20.5. 22 ccarats  $220.00

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Turquoise_Cabs_Blue%20Gem%202.jpg 2.    27 x 18. 21.5 carats  $215.00

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Bluebird Azurite with Crysacola

Azurite w/Crysacola. This material is from the old Bluebird copper mine in Glode, Arizona. Most of this material was mined in the 1950’s, with a bit of it coming out in the 1960’s. This copper oxide is a rare conglomerate made up of azurite, crysacola and cuprite in varying quantities of each. Every stone is unique and one of a kind.

1. 38 x 27 mm 45.5 carats  $135.00

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2.  28 x 22.5 mm  25.5 carats $100.00

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Turquoise_Cabs_Bluebird%203.jpg 3.    27 x 21.5 mm   21 carats  $85.00

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Turquoise_Cabs_Bluebird%20Azurite4%20.jpg 4.    23.5 x 21 mm   22 carats  $65.00

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Turquoise_Cabs_Bluebird5.jpg 5.    20 x 15 mm 12 carats $48.00

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Broken Arrow Varacite

This claim is from the Royston mining district in Nevada. It was never a high yielding mine and has been covered over for a few years. The deep green, almost emerald, color has a depth and clarity that will make this a collectible gem in the years to come.

1.    19.5 x 24 mm. 28 carats  $110.00
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Turquoise_Cabs_Broken%20Arrow2.jpg 2.    18 x 21 mm 17 carats  $85.00

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Turquoise_Cabs_Broken%20Arrow3.jpg 3.  13.5 x 23.5 mm 16.5 carats  $65.00

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Carico Lake Turquoise

Carico Lake turquoise is named after the location of its mine, located on a dried up lake bed in a high, cool area of Lander County, Nevada. It’s clear, iridescent, spring green color is due to its zinc content and is highly unique and collectible. Carico Lake turquoise is also found in a dark blue as well as a blue-green color with a black, spider web matrix. The Carico Lake mine is primarily a gold producing mine. However, from time to time, the mining company leases the turquoise producing part of the mine to individual miners who are permitted to work that part. The limited amount of time allowed to mine Carico Lake turquoise and the limited amount of turquoise yielded, combine to make Carico Lake turquoise a valuable addition to one's collection.

1.    9 x 9 mm each piece   6 carats  total  $96.00   Add to Cart


2.    17 x 7 mm each piece 3.5 carats  total   $70.00  Add to Cart


3.   12 x 10mm each piece  7 carats total  $140.00  Add to Cart


4.   12.5 x 11 mm each piece 9.5 carats  total  $190.00  Add to Cart


Cuprite and Crysacola

This extremely rare conglomerate material was found at a certain level in the copper pits in Sonora Mexico several years ago. Once the miners went through that level, the material disappeared and will doubtfully ever be found again. This unique gemstone will only gain in value. Also available in rough and slabs. Contact us for more information.

1.   30 x 40.5 mm. 48 carats $192.00
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Turquoise_Cabs_CupriteandCrysacola%202.jpg 2.  17.5 x 48.5 mm. 44 carats  $176.00

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3.    21 x 34 mm. 26 carats $116.00

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Damale Turquoise

The prior owner of this claim, Clyde Wright, was a real gentleman and a good miner. The current owner has produced very little rock, but it is of superior quality. The mine produces both turquoise and varacite. It is often difficult to tell the difference. However, both are of gem grade and very rare

1.  20 x 13 mm. 7.5 cts   $150


2.  15.5 x 12. 6 cts  $120


Fossil Dinosaur Bone

1.     26 x 25 mm. 31.5 cts  $63

Turquoise_Cabs_DinoBone2.jpg 2.     41 x 26 mm. 48 cts   $96
Turquoise_Cabs_DinoBone%203.jpg 3.     31.5 x 18mm. 22.5 cts   $45

Evans Mine

This is a mine that had very little high grade turquoise. However, the good material is unique and beautiful. A sky blue to blue green, with a golden matrix. The mine has been covered and will doubtfully ever be worked again.

1.  20.5 x 18 mm. 17.5 cts   $122


2.  31 x 14 mm. 23 cts   $160


3.  28 x 13.5 mm. 20.5 cts   $145



 From the nickel mines of Australia, this material came onto the market and became extremely popular, due to its chartreuse green color. As the mine played out, the price kept increasing. Today, there is no new material and Gaspeite has become a sought after material.

1.  5 stone set is 23 cts   $138


Kingman Nugget

There are many different veins of turquoise that make up the Kingman mining district. The black veined nuggets have not been mined in decades, making them unusual and very collectible. 

1.. 19 x 25 mm 40.5 cts $120


2. 15 x 30 mm 18.5 cts  $55


3. 21 x 23 mm 16.5 cts  $50

Turquoise_Cabs_KingmanNugget%204.jpg 4. 18 x 20 mm 15.5 cts  $45

Kingman Spiderweb

There are many different veins of turquoise that make up the Kingman mining district. This black spiderweb is one of the rarest, coming from the Itaca Peak seam. The black webbing makes the blue colors stand out and appear very strong.

1.   24 x 33 mm. 32.5 cts.  $325

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